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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Everybody Needs A Life Coach: Here’s How You Can Find One

Nowadays, every third person on LinkedIn or Instagram portrays to be a life coach. It is why finding a reliable and trustworthy, and qualified life coach in Florida USA becomes such a tedious task because half the time, you’re trying to separate the real ones from the fake ones.

You must have some common questions in your mind, like if the coach is right for you, how they coach you, how they measure results, what changes you would feel after attending a life coaching session, etc.

The following are some tips that’ll help you find the right life coach.

Make sure you are looking for a life coach when searching for one:

Often, people confuse life coaching with mentorship or therapy. However, life coaching in Florida USA is very different from both mentorship and therapy. Each has its unique characteristics, and you must know the key differences between life coaching, mentorship, and therapy.

Mentorship involves receiving advice from someone who has been in your shoes before, and any solution they provide is derived from their past experiences.

Coaching focuses on your future. Coaches don’t dig into your past. Instead, they make you self-aware in the present to improve your future. Unlike a mentor, a life coach doesn’t offer guidance or advice; they ask you powerful questions to help you find the correct answers and solutions.

Therapy is more like understanding your past and why you are what you are in the present. It focuses on your trauma, cognitive and emotional thinking and might take years to achieve results.

So, understand who you want before you start looking for them.

Determine their training and certification standards:

Coaching is based on more scientific research, and well-trained coaches utilize various models in their work. However, to learn these models, they need to go through an in-depth training program. If someone calls themselves a life coach, chances are they must have the training, certifications, and accreditations to prove their worth in the market. So, ask them about it.

Ask them about their style of life coaching:

Each life coach has a unique style of coaching and training. That makes them peculiar or different. Now that style might work for some but not for others. So, you need to ask about their coaching style and if it would be supportive of your cause.

Ask for a free consultation:

Budget will obviously play a central role in you selecting a coach. So, you need to explore life coaching in Florida USA options that suit your price range.

Want to challenge, nurture and grow yourself.

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